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Architecture defines civilization. Interweaving art and science, it represents one of humanity's greatest achievements. Our SRS architectural practice is based on a foundation of classical and traditional design as well as contemporary expression and imaginative innovation. Added to that is our moral and functional imperative of sustainability: the "green" approach that signifies our stewardship of resources for future generations.

Architecture is as much about spaces as places. We plan places responsive to the functions of the people who live, work, play, study, shop, and govern. We envision spaces as the access to and context of the place; in other words, the fit of the project as it relates to its surroundings.

SRS succeeds by attending to client's objectives, goals, and preferences; analyzing the project's programming, functionality, and desired end product; maintaining tight budgetary control; designing to meet aesthetic, environmental, and utilitarian values; incorporating energy-efficient and sustainable materials; anticipating and planning for current and future technological needs; and expediting permitting, bidding, and contract administration for timely completion.