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Interior Design

Our interior design experience and services range across a spectrum of project types, from residential to commercial, from academic to hospitality, and from city halls to fire and police stations. Interior design is much more than the selection of "pretty things." In addition to aesthetic considerations in today's social, business, and cultural climate, our team of interior designers collaborate and often manage other professionals and subcontractors in a variety of disciplines: structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers; specialty consultants; lighting, air conditioning, plumbing, and general contractors; painters, furniture manufacturers, artists, and carpenters. And above all, attend to the client's preferences and goals.

Our firm can boast of regional advantages due to our decades of experience in South Florida, as signified by our LEED certifications. Selection of fabrics, accessories, fixtures, and materials that can withstand climactic changes and weathering, as well as maintenance and sustainability, are key factors in our design solutions. Whether it's designing a new floor plan or refurbishing a timeworn one, we coordinate permitting, plan and manage a defined budget, and coordinate services according to a predetermined timeline and schedule.