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Thirty-four years’ strong, Synalovski Romanik Saye Architects (SRS) continues to reap the rewards of impactful community service and the acknowledgment by leaders of government, commerce, and academia, and professional colleagues and team partners. Most recently, the firm was named “Architecture Firm of the Year” by the Fort Lauderdale chapter of American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Its most recent distinction, however, is the following interview with Founder and Managing Principal Manny Synalovski, as published in Invest, by Capital Analytics Associates. In Invest’s “Spotlight” feature, Manny divulges his take on what the SRS motto, “Think Success,” means. Manny notes the milestones SRS has achieved throughout South Florida and beyond: the well-deserved continuity of its market influence, the adaptation of technological advancements in its creative output, its impactful community generosity and “give-backs,” built-in sustainability designed for every project, and the envisioned infrastructure to serve current and future generations. Read on…

Manny Synalovski

Spotlight On: Manny Synalovski, Founder & Managing Principal, Synalovski Romanik Saye

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2 min read March 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Manny Synalovski, founder and managing principal of full service design firm Synalovski Romanik Saye, talked about achievements for the firm despite the pandemic and what sets it apart within the market. Synalovski also spoke about the areas in the region experiencing growth, how the firm gives back to the community through its projects and what the region needs in terms of infrastructure to remain successful.

What have been some milestones or achievements for the firm over the last year?

Our biggest highlight is probably being named the architecture firm of the year by the American Institute of Architects’ Fort Lauderdale chapter. That was extraordinary, especially because it was in 2021, a year of recovery for us after the pandemic.

What sets you apart within the market?

I think continuity. We’ve been in business for 34 years and we still have our first hire and first partner after all this time. At the same time, we are always looking for new resources to join the team and provide a newness to improve and remain successful through new methodologies and experiences. We also have a high level of quality individuals on our team, both as professionals and human beings.

What technological advancements are you utilizing?

I think technology has caused some challenges because it moves so quickly and sometimes can be distracting. We are in the business of processing and building from ideas. There is a tendency that technology will accelerate the conclusion, which can be a problem because the right amount of time is needed to complete projects.

We use software that updates every year and to the extent that it is our friend we are using it successfully, and we are consciously optimistic about overcoming the challenge of it.

What areas of the market are experiencing the most growth?

Every market we serve has experienced significant growth. Whether it is residential, commercial, office or retail, there is significant growth in all those markets and within the public sector. There are some markets that we haven’t served in the past that we are considering jumping into because they are hot right now, one of which is healthcare.

How are you impacting the community?

Our commitment to the community is legendary, particularly here in Broward County. We’ve been beneficiaries of the growth of the community and are committed to giving back. We are fortunate to work on civic projects that generate facilities for the benefit of the community at large. These are either religious-based or parks, community centers or schools for lifelong learners. This is where we touch an enormous number of people, leaving a legacy of projects that will continue to improve the community.

What are some of the most pressing infrastructure needs right now?

I would say every element of infrastructure requires major attention. Part of it has to do with maintenance and operation as we don’t always treat it as we should for the amount of use and abuse it gets. That includes both storm and sewer water, transportation, investing in public safety, schools and so on. Many people believe infrastructure is what is under the ground or in the air but that’s not the case. It all needs significant attention as I believe that the infrastructure as it exists today will fail in the immediate future and impede long-term success.