Introducing our new interior architect, Nicole Puente-Solis …

Nicole Puente-Solis

Nicole, a former intern in 2021, recently rejoined the firm after completing her master’s degree in interior design, specializing in healthcare design research, at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Happily, we are thrilled to welcome Nicole back to our multifaceted team as SRS responds to rising global public health concerns with design solutions here in South Florida. A significant growing segment of SRS projects underway include cutting-edge facilities responding to the needs of the elderly, as well as new and retrofitting of facilities for people with disabilities, infectious diseases, and post-trauma restoration.

Previously, Nicole earned a bachelor’s degree in international business and management, then spent two years honing her skills in the business world of marketing, management, branding, and graphic design. Yet the field of architecture, and especially interior design, beckoned with a profound intensity that resonated with her family’s core values. The daughter of a biologist and a physiatrist — a physician who specializes in rehabilitation and the treatment of pain — Nicole was inspired to consider how the management of space and the materials within could be better configured to meet healthcare needs. In fact, her master’s degree dissertation dealt precisely with the highest and best use of sustainable, renewable, and safe materials, and emerging technology, to help mitigate the spread of infectious diseases while improving the quality and extension of life for all.

When Nicole decided to pursue a career in design, she returned to school to study interior architecture, which led to her first internship at SRS. Here, Nicole worked in tandem with our interior design team, while absorbing and mastering the many technical skills required for creating floor plans and 3-D renderings, and generating construction documents.

An outstanding candidate in her field, Nicole was recently recognized by Metropolis Magazine as one of the top 100 graduating architecture and interior design students throughout the United States and Canada in its 2022 Metropolis Future 100 competition.

Nicole believes that as architects and science work even more closely together, designers will reimagine navigable space that responds to the needs of marginalized as well as aging members of society.

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