Merrill Romanik

The People Connecting America

When we first joined the team, we learned that Dycom Industries installs, maintains, and repairs infrastructure for power, cable, fiber optics, and other telecommunication systems.

When done right, it is a nearly invisible network of components that connects people to power, technology, information, and ultimately to each other. These connections are essential to people today.

You are extremely successful at connecting people in the virtual world, allowing them to exchange thoughts and ideas.

However, your physical world of workspace limited opportunities to connect, to cross paths with your own colleagues, let alone find a meeting space when you needed one.

Physical connections are equally as important as virtual connections.

When creating your new workplace, the goal was to design a space that embraced collaboration, provided a palette of choice, and bridged the virtual world with the physical world. Providing a multitude of spaces that allow for impromptu meetings and face-to-face communication to increase internal networking to help solve the latest problem or develop the next big idea.

Meetings are no longer limited to formal conference rooms: They can happen anywhere, at any time. Perhaps at one of the casual seating areas or at the high-top tables, in one of the booth spaces, or around the foosball table, the pool table, or another gaming table. Some days daily tasks may be best tackled quietly at your desk, in a private room, or in the library. The idea is that you are given many options to create your day and the place where you can best accomplish your work.

You now have the latest technology that easily and seamlessly allows everyone to connect with colleagues, consultants, and subsidiaries at the touch of a puck in a multitude of formats. There are traditional conference room spaces, studio settings, sofa settings, and even tiered arrangements of Steelcase’s Mediascape technology, as wells as project rooms and multipurpose rooms that are fully wired for you to Google Hang Out or simply brainstorm on the Clarus marker boards.

The team’s goal was to provide the cutting edge of connectivity and corporate tools while at the same time creating an environment that had a familiar, warm, comfortable, approachable, and inviting feel in what used to be an RCA TV plant.

With the introduction of some classic residential sofas, chairs, and tables we created spaces that feel like home. By adding the texture of reclaimed barn wood we warmed up the concrete floors and exposed joists. By showcasing a variety of lighting settings we allowed the big idea to shine through with lamps and cables exposed (we know you like cables). We even brought Dycom’s fieldwork tangibly into the space via the conduit dividers and the cable spools. Something I often called “warehouse wonderful”: a mix of warm and cool textures and finishes, neutral tones and pops of colors, the familiar and the not-so-familiar.

Like the space, the team that created this space had varied skill sets and talents, yet our goals and desires became one.

We cannot begin to thank the Dycom team: Curtis Chambers, Christen Lockamy, Lois Jacobs, Junior Richemont, Jim Ford, Ana Marafuga, and Callie Tomasso for your boundless energy, focus, attention to detail, and commitment to creating a space that was unique to you.

Thank you for the knowledge and support of Jenna Casciotta at Steelcase and Peri Silber at Empire Office and the teams at their offices.

To the AVI, ASE, Security 101, and Lencore, thank you for loading this space with more cable than I’ve ever seen. We know they love cable!

Thank you to Tony Mish and Rusty Boatwright from Hedrick Brothers for your hard work and unwavering commitment to getting them into the space on time. We really appreciate the extra effort it took and your ability to keep subcontractors focused on the goal.

I’d be remiss not to mention the efforts of the landlord, John Clark Bills, and their team, the City of Palm Beach Gardens’ building department, fire department, and development compliance for your cooperation in supporting Dycom’s vision.

And, lastly, to my team back at the office - what a team we make!

What a tremendous collaboration, one that we are extremely proud of! And we hope that you feel the passion and joy it took to create it for years to come!

Connect away, people, and enjoy!

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