Introducing Sarah Haeflinger, SRS Summer Intern

Sarah Haeflinger

Music and architecture are the creative passions of Sarah Haeflinger. During the school year, Sarah is pursuing her formal education at The Catholic University of America, in Washington, DC, with a major in architecture. Sarah chose this academic facility because it offers coursework in Classical together with Modern Architecture at the heart of Western civilization, while also providing various avenues to practice her Catholic faith. In her off-hours she is composing, playing, and recording music, which is published on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and YouTube.

For Sarah, music and architecture both offer pathways to express thought, emotion, and spirit, and she anticipates infusing her architectural vision in the future with the musical qualities of color, warmth, and ambience. Music and architecture are each constructed with a certain materiality: wherein music is conveyed by the intermix of instrumentation, melody, message, and mood, architecture is articulated through dimension, materiality, color, and function. This straight A honor student, who currently resides in Davie with her parents and two younger siblings when not away at university, always strives for success and the fulfillment of her ambitions, no matter where she is or what she finds herself doing.