Festival of Trees

SRS celebrates the holiday with an exuberant cheer as the firm receives the "Most Whimsical Award" for its entry in Florida International University's Annual Festival of Trees event, which raises funds for FIU's architecture department. While our 2016 entry, judged "Most Creative," featured a mix of dissimilar materials, our 2017 "tree" was fabricated with an ordinary stack of children's construction paper. Brilliantly conceived by staff, the stack was sliced into cascading triangles that reveal a wildly colorful, charming, yet simple tree form. SRS shares the honor with our co-sponsor, OFS Brands, a leading office furniture manufacturer.

Festival of Trees - Team

(Left to right) Steve Hazidakis [SRS]; Chris Bray [SRS]; Janine King, FIU, Interior Architecture Chair, Associate Professor; Merrill Romanik [SRS]; Priscila Fort [SRS];
Maria VanDeman, OFS Brands [SRS sponsor], District Sales Manager - South Florida; Mauricio Feldsberg [SRS]; Meagan Johnson, OFS Brands, District Sales Manager - South Florida.

Festival of Trees Entry 1

Festival of Trees Entry 2

Festival of Trees Center Stage

Festival of Trees On View

Festival of Trees Judges
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