City of Hollywood Building Division HQ

Client City of Hollywood
  • Programming
  • Space Planning
  • Construction Documents
  • nterior Architecture/Design
  • Permitting
  • Contract Administration
Status Completion scheduled for 2023
Success Functions and personnel of Hollywood’s Building Division were formerly housed in various locations in and around the city. By utilizing and repurposing vacant space on the second floor of the Hollywood Public Library, all activities and staff are now joined in a central headquarters site, offering a host of benefits to the public, business associates, and staff members.

Hollywood Building Division HQ

Hollywood, FL

With 32,000 SF of space, the headquarters of Hollywood’s Building Division affords a warm welcome and professional efficiency to the hundreds of people who pass through its doors each day seeking administrative resources. Visitors discover an open floor plan accented with a tropical feel: bright colors, bright lights, and an inviting “living room” hospitality setting.

This modern workplace environment features a spacious café, a fully equipped fitness center, and copious hoteling stations, where field personnel can stop by to file reports, complete forms, and approve permits and other tasks. Connecting all departments in one site facilitates proficiency, collaboration, and synergy.

The floor plan includes semi-partitioned individual workstations, conferencing hubs, formal and informal small group meeting areas, and quiet rooms for a break or intensive work. The space caters to the planning, zoning, and construction needs of developers, general contractors, architects, engineers, plumbers, electricians and others with the aim of facilitating communication and progress.