98 NW 5th Avenue

Client Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency
  • Programming
  • Architectural Design
  • Master Planning
  • Site Plan Approval
  • Construction Documents
  • Interior Design
  • Permitting
  • Contract Administration
Status Completion scheduled for 2023
Success The transformation of an historic residential structure into a viable business hub is a pivotal ingredient in the City’s mission to expand development, encourage economic growth, and improve the appeal, quality of life, and advancement of this northwest corner of the community.

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98 NW 5th Avenue

Delray Beach, FL

Located in an historic district of Delray Beach, a 7,000 SF two-story apartment building is repurposed for commercial use as a key project in a community redevelopment effort. The structure introduces flexible, adaptable space for retail, restaurant, and business enterprises. The first story features up to five bays of 700 SF each, while the second story is designed for coworking and/or independent office space. The coworking option offers common infrastructures, such as office equipment, utilities, receptionist, and parcel acceptance and custodial services.

The architectural character weds history with 21st-Century enhancements and amenities in a Masonry Modern style expressed in concrete walks and walls, topped by a light-reflecting silvery white metal roof. Other design details include a roofed balcony and stairways, marquees, awnings, and glass-fronted retail shops for pedestrian view. Colored in coastal blue, the building is complemented by native shade trees, landscaped streetscape, parallel parking, and an enclosed elevator tower for easy access between floors.